Writer/Director/Lead Designer Bio: Christopher "C.R." Daniels seeks to bring his newfound knowledge and passion to the entertainment industry as well as the youth and young adults of the St. Louis Metro and abroad. Creativity, dedication, and excellence are three key elements C.R. brings to the table. Compassion, leadership, and a thirst for knowledge drive this home. With stories built around the strong points of Youth, Community, and Religion, Chris uses experiences from life to tell stories to last a lifetime. With three books published, seven stage plays written, and 6 films slated to be produced by TeamFocused Productions, the sky is the limit.  As a Graduate from Oral Roberts University with two Masters from Full Sail University C.R. is positioned to impact the future of the Entertainment Industry.  HiStory serves as his national writing/directing debut.  After taking years to build on a regional stage, to perfect the stories and craft, 2021 serves as the best time to open the new chapter in the journey.