StayFocused Foundation

Join us as we Partner with N.I.C. for an event focused on celebrating youth and their achievements in the arts! "WE THE PEOPLE" serves to combine 5 schools districts, 4 organizations, and a very special keynote speaker to showcase just how impactful the arts can be in reviving, rebuilding, and reimagining what it means to be "So St. Louis".  More Information coming soon.

Spring 2021, TeamFocused Productions has formed StayFocused Foundation to serve as the community/Non-Profit entity to be the driving force behind our community initiatives to ensure youth get the opportunities they much certainly need. 

With focused on the arts, fashion, acting, writing, stage/film production, and youth services, TeamFocused Productions has actively worked to impact the St. Louis Metro since January 2012. From mentor programming to creating live events, our aim has been to change the perception of what it means to be a young Saint Louisan one youth at a time. Over the year, we have used various forms of the arts and creative writing, along with educating youth in the area of production. In 2012, our first project was rehabbing an old recreation center located off of Grand Ave. and I70. This project brought together youth from metro St. Louis and metro Des Moines, Iowa. With under a week to finish the project, the youth worked around the clock and together presented a community event to feed, entertain, and provide a safe place for neighborhood youth.

Since this project, TF embarked on various offerings to promote healthy neighborhoods, which lead to connecting youth to the area of the arts. After 3 musical projects, 6 stage productions written and produced by youth, and our youth in the area of production getting opportunities to work on the production team of artist like Kirk Franklin, we have just begun.  Spring 2021, StayFocused showcased a slate of short films using everyday items easily accessible to youth, while introducing young creatives to apps and techniques to bring any story to an audience.  

In 2019, we began TF Clothing and Shoe line for young designers inspired by fashions. The clothing created go on sale to further help the initiatives of SF. While partnering with drop shipping companies, the overhead has been very low, but has creating more chances to encourage youth to dream big.

In the Fall 2023, SF will publish it’s first book of inspirational literature created by youth and each being centered around a topic impacting the community. Youth will be writing short stories, poems, and other forms of writing geared to help families dealing with the Opioids addiction currently affecting many lives.

What makes us different from many other groups across the metro St. Louis area is our drive and dedication to not just introduce the arts but provide opportunities for the youth see the fruit of their labor. Our youth have worked on major commercial, concerts, and films and were paid for their services as young professionals. Some have gone on to attain scholarships for their knowledge learned within the programming.

In the spring of 2021, StayFocused was born as a non-profit to further opportunities for partnerships for programs and projects to ensure we can continue to reach youth in our community with a vision of impact nationally.


Projects under StayFocused seeking sponsorships:
Together We Can – Book Series
“The best impact is the one that touches the heart”
Indoors park and safe place for youth and families alike
TF Clothing
Inspired by Youth, Designed by Youth
Acting Classes
Teaching Acting techniques and best practices to land the dream role.
Production Classes
From lights and sound, to stage and film, we don’t just teach, we create
Scriptwriting Classes
All stage productions are written by youth for the community that impacts them.
Teen Talk Podcast
Teens from various states discuss topics important to their generation
Team Focused – TV pilot for PBS programming