The Now Project: Ever... Second... Counts...

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Author: Christopher Daniels

Number Of Pages: 64

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 10-09-2013

Details: So often, we allow our past to dictate our future... Our failures to rule our accomplishments... and our own fears to bring our lives to a stand still... until NOW!!! I know what its like to see your world come to an end. I know what it's like to have those you looked up to the most write you off as nothing... to blame yourself and even God. That is until NOW! NOW is the time to drop all fears... move past everything done and said that has been holding you back! Until NOW, your circumstances have branded who you are... But NOW, we go on a journey to greatness... to becoming overcomers... NOW we press for the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus. Before you picked up this book your whole life has been based completely on your past struggles and fears of the unknown that comes in the future. But by the end of this book you too will embrace the joy and the gift that comes with living in the NOW! As a member of #TeamFocused, you are to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing at all cost! Starting NOW, we are no longer addicted to our past, our pain, our hurt, or our story... Because we have found the antidote! It's called NOW!!!

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